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  1. Well, another weekend gone, but at least I managed to create some new designs. Will hopefully put them on the website tomorrow evening if the photographer (CW!) manages to photograph them during the day!

    Would love to stay at home and make cards all day, but have teaching and other music commitments which must be attended to. Roll on the Easter holidays!

    There is still time to order cards for Mother's Day; don't forget you can personalise any card with a name or a sentiment, and include an insert which says Happy Mother's Day, all at no extra cost. Simply select your favourite design, then use the 'Personalise' form or the Contact Us form, and we'll do the rest; remember to include your email addres so I can tie it up with your order. I am happy to write a message for you if you would like me to send a card direct to your recipient.

    Come back tomorrow to see my new designs.


  2. Isn't it lovely to feel the sun on your back? I had 2 full hours in the garden yesterday, clearing away debris and tidying up. Did wonder if I had been a bit premature when I woke up to a frost on the car this morning though!

    Lots of fat buds on all the clematis; I have about 12 or more, and will try to get CW to photograph all of them to make into cards. The crocuses are really getting into their stride; have you noticed it is always the yellow ones that open first? Now they are being interspersed with purple and lilac ones, to make a vivid contrast with that wonderful yellow. My favourite pulsatillas are pushing up through the ground, their little snub noses jostling for daylight. I love their stamens that look like nylon filaments, and that fabulous unreal blue colour. Last year I planted a ruby red one, so will be interested to see how that does this year. Sadly no sign of meconopsis; I expect it has succumbed to winter wet, but I saved some seed last year so see if that takes.

    Happy gardening!

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